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We fix credit: Give us a call 877-879-1177 for your FREE credit repair plan.
Together, we fix your bad credit and improve the credit scores from the major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. We will perform a free credit repair evaluation based on hundreds of hours of credit management experience. Our credit report repair work is based on your credit report. All questionable bad credit fixed; including, collection account, charge off, write off, judgment, foreclosure, public record and late payments. Your credit repair specialist will enforce your consumer rights provided in consumer protection legislation including the FCRA, FACTA, TILA, FDCPA, CROA and applicable state law, which includes your right to improve credit by removing questionable, inaccurate, unverifiable, biased, and untimely information. Accurate and verifiable information cannot be removed.

Consumer Credit Capital is a registered and bonded credit services organization. Call for your free, no obligation credit repair evaluation. Our obligation to you is to identify the questionable bad credit on your credit report and to determine how the bad credit is affecting your credit score. We then take time to advise what you need to do to fix bad credit.

Professional Credit Repair Specialists:

Our credit repair specialist will go over your credit reports with you. Together you can agree how to fix bad credit and how to increase credit score. Repair credit with a credit repair specialist who will prepare a written credit repair plan. The credit repair plan will be custom tailored to your credit score repair needs. Credit help includes fixing your credit by removing questionable, inaccurate, unverifiable, biased, and untimely collection accounts, charge offs, and late payments while successfully negotiating verifiable collection accounts, and establishing good credit, good payment history and maximal credit utilization. Accurate and verifiable information can not be removed.

Finally, we execute the agreed upon credit repair plan: We fix bad credit! Unique to Consumer Credit Capital, credit repair services, we set you up with your credit reports, and credit scores, up front, for free during the free evaluation. Then every 30 days we meet over the phone, and review your better credit reports and better credit scores. If you are not satisfied with the better credit score you can cancel your contract at any time. We do not accept any fee before services are complete. We have a pay as you go policy. We even have a refunds policy. In other words, our credit repair process is completely transparent, you control the credit repair plan and you get a new clean credit report and best credit repair delivered to you every 30 days to make an informed decision

Credit Repair from Credit Repair Specialists

Give us a call: for your free credit repair plan 877-879-1177

Pay as you go- After you review your credit reports and scores each month, after services are completed.
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Credit Repair, Consumer Credit Capital. Texas Locations in Forth Worth 817-996-7001 and Houston 713-428-2063. Call today for credit repair assistance credit repair houston texas credit repair fort worth texas credit repair san antonio texas

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