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Is using a registered and bonded credit repair service, to fix bad credit, similar to taking your financial information to an accountant?

Yes.  The difference is an accountant is someone who solves a problem you did not know you had in a way you don't understand.

Here at CCC we simply perform a free credit repair evaluation and create a credit repair plan through the lens of your rights as based in the law (the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2003, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Consumer Reporting Reform Act and the Fair Debt Collections Act). In truth we aspire to the excitement of accounting.

If we can find a way to help, we help.

one round at a time, pay as you go.

Why would I use CCC when I can research the laws including the Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2008?

"After all once I do the research I can file the appropriate disputes with the credit bureau(s), the furnishers of information the collection agencies and the courthouses, if needed. It seems your service is mostly research and document preparation based on your experience.  If CCC and I can work together to get my score from 620 to 720 I can surely do it myself?"

Answer : Yes you can! 

It's your money it's your time. it's your life.

Consumer Credit Capital. Because your credit matters.

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Credit repair is a very useful and proven tool. Need to know more before sending us your information? We understand. Call us anytime at (877) 879-1177 with your questions. We have two locations to serve you:

In Houston call 713-428-2063
or visit us at 8752 Westpark Drive • Map It

In Fort Worth call 817-996-7001
or visit us at 5601 Bridge Street Suite 300 • Map It

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We will respond to your email within 1 business day. Your information is not shared with outside parties, nor sold to any other companies. We may send you information via email with the address you have provided.

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Keeping Your Credit Safe and Clean :

One way to reduce the amount of personal information shared about you and to reduce the amount of unsolicited credit card offers you receive in the mail is to contact the three major credit bureaus and ask to opt out of the pre-approved credit lists they sell to companies. You may do this from any phone by calling 1-888-567-8688.

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