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Fix credit and save money. Your credit score largely determines the lenders available and the interest rate at which they will lend. Fix credit and expand the number of lenders willing to compete for your loan. To fix credit begins with income that exceeds expenses, proper bill paying coupled with responsible use and development of credit lines.

The average American household with a mortgage and credit cards spends nearly $80 a day on debt payments. The monthly debt payment is largely determined by the amount borrowed, the timeframe and your credit score. Fix credit and expand the pool of lenders available to you and the rate at which they will lend.

You have the right to review your credit reports for inaccurate information that could be costly. The process starts with a review of your credit report and credit score through the lens of consumer protection legislation. Creditors that report to the credit bureau have obligations under both federal and state law. If you are dealing with a creditor, collector, hold them accountable to consumer protection legislation including the FCRA, FACTA, TILA, and FDCPA.

Can I fix inaccuracies on my credit report on my own? Yes, you can fix credit on your own. It starts with research and a good place to start is the links listed above and throughout this site. If you are not inclined to review the links, in detail, you have the right to seek assistance from a credit services organization to fix credit.

Is Credit Repair Legal? Yes credit repair is legal. The United States Congress has found that consumers have a vital interest in establishing and maintaining their credit worthiness and credit standing in order to obtain and use credit. As a result, consumers who have experienced credit problems may seek assistance from credit repair services which offer to improve the credit standing of such consumers.

Can I benefit from a Free credit repair Evaluation? Yes, our clients benefit. Together we review your credit reports and credit scores during the free evaluation. Then every 30 days we review the credit improvement and continue with the credit repair services.

Bad credit can cost you your house, your car and a job opportunity. You have the right to ask for help to fix credit. You have the right to hold creditors and collectors accountable. We are here to stick up for you. Remember, your creditors are using whatever tools available to charge you higher interest, penalties and fees to profit off of you and your credit score. Before making a major purchase, before negotiating with a creditor, level the playing field with a free credit repair plan.

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