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Actual Credit Report Deletions


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Our Success Record is Solid:

The chart above shows derogatory credit records deleted. We go to the source, the credit bureaus, collectors and original creditors.  All parties reporting to the credit bureau are required to investigate and verify the credit item within the timeline prescribed.   Increase your credit score by removing questionable accounts. Accurate and verifiable information can not be removed.


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Free Credit Repair Plan:

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Get your FREE Credit Repair today. 3 steps to better credit, how to deal with creditors, FREE consultation.  FREE Personal Credit First Aid Kit

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45 day credit score increase. Actual results shown here:

How we help our clients increase credit score. Every day:

The credit score increase shown in the graph above is a real client account.  We performed a free evaluation including a review of credit reports and credit scores.  We then developed a credit repair plan.  We assign a credit repair specialist and together, with the client, we executed the credit repair plan.  

In this case, the creditor and a debt collector were both reporting questionable information to the credit bureaus.  Furthermore, despite their mistakes they initially refused to conduct an investigation, refused to instruct the credit bureaus to correct the credit record.  Instead, they verified the information to the credit bureaus.  Despite the wall initially put up by both the creditor and debt collector we were able to remove the negative items because the items reported were reported wrongly.

We were able to totally resolve the matter. The client was cleared of the debt and his credit restored; a direct result of our endeavors.

Unfortunately, this client struggled with bad credit for months before asking for our help.  If you are struggling with increasing your credit score give us a call today for your free credit repair plan at 877-879-1177.

Summary: Credit Improved

• Removed Unverifiable Collection Accounts

• Increase Credit Score

• Lowered Borrowing Costs


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